AboutPets Arena


Pets Arena.com.ng is Nigeria’s largest online community for pets, pets owners and pet lovers.

Our goal is to help you assist the pet of your choice, help you cater for it through providing solutions for all your pet needs.

We’re both a pet community and marketplace where you can meet and mingle with others AND buy and sell products exclusively for pets and pet people.

Pets Arena delivers advice from veterinarians, trainers and other experts who are dedicated to giving you the most authoritative information at all times. With new content posted regularly you get advice for taking care of your pets ranging from acquiring pets, to training and feeding them. You will get solutions to every health issues your pet may be having.

At the arena you get to meet and network with fellow pet owners, pet lovers, trainers, vets and other stake holders in the pet industry.

Pets Arena provides answers to all pet needs through our blog, in the forum and through personal chat with community members.

Pets Arena has a market place where you can shop for different pets, pets’ foods and accessories at pocket friendly price.